Discover your sound,

Become an Impactful Artist






Riley Corbin is Producer/Engineer dedicated to helping musicians discover their sound and become Impactful Artists. Riley specializes his work with Singer-Songwriters and Indie Rock bands that are looking to take their career to the next level. 

Discover your sound, Become an Impactful Artist



“Riley was really easy to work with and I felt like he had an overall desire to keep the integrity of the project intact. That was huge for me. It made me feel good about fleshing out art with him.”


"Riley did a great job of making me feel comfortable throughout the process and helping me better express my ideas."

-Stephanie Farney 

"Riley coached me, pushed me, waited on me, ignited me, and spoke life into me and my ideas. "


"Working with Riley was a fantastic and enjoyable experience. While working long distance he made sure to communicate often and with modern tools. He is a hard worker, passionate about great music. Riley was able to step in and offer much needed experience at each step of the process. With his musicianship and technicality he knows where to go and how to get there. Looking forward to working together again in the future"

-Austen Henry